We enhance cognitive learning through technological innovation

Train your staff safely and at low cost

We use interactive resources to simulate real environments and train people in a safe way.


We accelerate the learning processes of organizations through interactive and innovative resources, such as Virtual and Augmented Reality simulators and Gamification; through a "Learning by Doing" method in risk-free environments, with minimal cost and evaluating competencies and the participant's performance.



Soft Skills

Operating Efficiency


Through the “Learning by Doing”methodology and using interactive, innovative and playful resources, powered by state-of-the-art technologies, we accelerate the learning processes of organizations.

Identify learning opportunities.

Develope the solution.

Integrate the solution into your business.

Provide performance reports, updates and support.

Nueva app para uso responsable de EPP -COVID19

A new app for responsible use of EPP -COVID19

The Mendoza ACM Surgery Association together with several collaborators developed a practice APP for the correct use of EPP Enterate in question and how it works in this note issued by channel 7 of Mendoza together with the director of ACM, Dr. Diego Bertani.

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